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"A skewer of flame-broiled chicken chunks doesn't sound particularly unusual, but there's something about the way this tiny Mill Avenue Turkish spot prepares it that makes it special. Of course, who knows what secrets are in the marinade, which makes the kebab juicy even though it's served skinless and boneless. And the creamy, potent garlic dip served alongside it brings out the smoky touch of char on the meat. Combine chunks of that meat with fresh, warm pita, fluffy rice, pickles, salad, and smooth hummus, and you have the makings of a feast."

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Now Serving 100% Vegiterian Dishes

Med Fresh Grill is now serving hookah with premium Shisha.


We are glad to offer our delicious cuisine as a catering option for our loyal customers. If you are planning an event or a party, we would like to be a part of it. For large orders please contact us directly and we’d be happy to arrange a catering combination for your next event. Order for 10 or more people required.

Tel: 480-642-9709 or Fax: 480-996-9405